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online anger management course resume online anger management course

We offer a 4 hour, nationally recognized Online Anger Management Course for those that are Court Ordered to take an Anger Management Class. Also for Employees who are directed by Human Resources or a Manager/ Supervisor to take an Anger related Class.

Our course is also used by Teenagers and Parents looking for skill sets to help them cope with the stressors of family life that often lead to conflict without resolve. Although this course is only 4 hours, it makes very good use of your time. You will learn a lot, so be prepared to learn, change and become more aware of yourself, others and what to do when you start to lose self control.

You can stop and start as often as you like until you are finished. Certificates of completion are sent out automatically via e-mail or conventional mail as well as overnight service if you prefer. We are here to help you and can be reached at 321-251-7606

online anger management course
online anger management course
Why Us?

Welcome to the 4-Hour Anger Management Course. This course can be taken for several different reasons.

If you were court ordered by a Judge this course will provide you with a certificate of completion that will confirm you have successfully completed our 4-Hour Anger Management course.

You may also want to take this course for self-improvement reasons.

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online anger management course
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